You tell her
she is worthy
and just because her dad left
and never calls to say hello
it doesn’t mean she is unloveable
And you dry her tears
and you say over and over
it’s all going to be okay
because you will be there
to pick up the pieces he left behind
Her tears, though dry
leave stains that no words can wash away
So you pray
and you love your little lonely child
hug away her doubts
seize every giggle in tightly clasped hands
and watch the sun rise in her beauty
And you realize
she is you


You are
my harvest sunshine
burning scarlet
against an azure sky
that beats
to the sound of my heart
when I’m alone
letters that form words
that roll off tongues
and become music
to those who listen
with their eyes and
feel your beauty
with their souls
locked away
time and again
you wait for me
to come back to you
to wrap me in your embrace
and love me, still
desiring only
that I open the pages
of my book
and set you free.