One summer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

There was a girl, who met a boy
One summer day, by a country club pool
he was awkward and silly
and had a nervous way of chewing his fingers
that somehow endeared him to her, even in his tattered jeans
He was
not her usual “type”
but he had an easy way about him that
chained her
So every day after, when she visited the pool
while her father played 18 holes with his colleagues on the green
and her mother met with the wives in the tea room for brunch
she would look for him in the crowd of oxford shirts
and not finding him, feel her world suddenly fold in on itself
For you see, the day she met him, her world had suddenly and inexplicably opened up
and all at once, the sun shined through the clouds she only kept at bay with
precise concentration on her ivy league dreams and
painstakingly ordered way of life
her wall of protection he’d managed to scale with a coy smile
so she searched and prayed
and just as the summertime sun was beginning to fade
and along with it, her hopes
he was there
And all was right with the world.

Half marathon thought marathon

In Corral T, waiting for my wave to start.
In Corral T, waiting for my wave to start.

On Saturday, May 3, I ran a half marathon in Indianapolis. I’m not going to get into the specifics of training or go on (too much) about how difficult it is to run that many miles because honestly, yes it’s a lot of miles, but it’s not 26.2. I have this habit of always remembering that what’s bad could always be worse. Keeps me in a more grateful state of mind. Anyhoo, I did train and I prepped myself as much as someone who’s never run a half marathon before could possibly prep. My body was definitely ready for the run. However, I was not t prepared for the flood of thoughts I’d have throughout the run, how emotional I would be, or how much I’d learn about myself. I finished the race in 2:27:04. Not too shabby for a 41-year-old first timer. Strangely, as I got closer to the finish I began to think that I could definitely pull off 26.2. I am now trying to decide which 26.2 to run. In Indy, I saw some awe-inspiring people along the way. Firefighters in full gear. Military personnel in boots and carrying full packs. A man running on a prosthetic leg. A woman in a wheelchair. All driven by a desire to get to the finish…I was pretty much left in awe of humanity, because I will tell you, we are pretty amazing when we set out to do good things…our grit. Our determination. So beautiful!  I know if you’re reading this you have a dream or a goal…something you’d like to accomplish. I’m telling you, DO IT. NOW. Believe me when I say, YOU CAN.